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Flash interactive map tutorial

This tutorial teach you how to create interactive map in flash. Dongsoft flash map product is a full customized flash map via xml. and the product also provide the .fla, .as, .flp etc source file which can be change to you wanted by yourself.

flash map sample:

Sample: Branch Offices Locations
flash map sample
Sample: Customer Satisfaction
usa flash map showcase

Step by step to create a simple map and embed it into a web page

Step 1: buy and download our product. unzip to a folder.

Step 2: Create a web page first of all we need a plain HTML page that contains a Flash object, and place it to some folder on your web site or local folder.

Step 3: Setting map data. exmaple open the DN_World_Map.xml with any text editor. insert your data into it. Set the "Asia" color to red("#FF0000").

Step 4: Final now upload all file to the website and open the browser to view it.